Welcome to DJ Bill, exquisite DJ entertainment services dedicated to exceeding your expectations. We believe in giving you personal attention to every detail so that your wedding day can be everything you've dreamed it to be, and more.

Our All-Inclusive Wedding Package Features...

♦ Uninterrupted music to use at your reception for cocktail, dinner, & dancing
♦ Extensive digital music repertoire with selections from the 1940s to today's top hits
♦ Music play list completely customized by your requests given to us prior to the reception
♦ Ensure the perfect mix of music is played by optionally accepting your guests requests
♦ Advanced equipment set-up so the music is started before your first guests arrive
♦ Backup equipment on site to avert disaster of equipment failure
♦ State-of-the-art equalized sound system providing concert quality sound at a comfortable volume
♦ Equipment elegantly cased complete with wireless microphone available for toasts or speeches
♦ Polished professional DJ in full tuxedo to direct all of the festivities during reception
♦ DJ will handle announcements, bridal party intros, and typical wedding traditions/dances
♦ Select the amount of interaction you desire from conservative, outgoing or anywhere in between
♦ Spectacular, eye-dazzling light show to electrify the dance floor with an array of beams
♦ Use of our online planning system to allow you to customize every detail to your tastes
♦ Unlimited contact with your personal disc jockey to coordinate the details of your reception
♦ Complete synchronization with your other vendors to ensure a smooth-flowing, stress-free event
♦ Straightforward contract to guarantee dependable service and the highest level of protection
♦ Perfect for your wedding reception, ceremony, engagement party, or anniversary celebration

Please contact us for a no-obligation price quote, customized for your event.

It is a known fact that your guests will think of and remember the party the most from your big day. Your entertainment is the least expensive, but the most effective part of your reception.

You don't have to spend a lot to get a lot.

We believe in providing you with a great value for your money. Our list of services is as extensive as anyone in town, and for as little as half of the price in some cases. Take a look at what you get:

♦ You get music from all ages from polka to today's top hits
♦  Complete light package includes was lights, club-style dance lights, mirror ball w/pin and 2 strobes
♦ You get four hours of dance time - PLUS two additional hours of background music during your dinner for FREE**

All for the price of $695.00, with additional hours at the rate of $120/hour

**This price covers the four hours of dance only and the dinner music is not negotiable if unable to use.  It is a free service we offer our customers if they can use it.  If unable to use, the price remains the same.

Additional charges may be required for mileage for out of town events, difficult setup locations (i.e. stairs, etc.) and additional equipment requirements for larger events.  There may also be additional charges for outdoor covering, if required.

Prices exclude holidays.  Contact us for our holiday rates and schedules.


At DJ Bill we provide you a great option that is easy on your budget. If you purchase the normal four hours of time for your dance, we will throw in an additional two hours of background music during your dinner for absolutely no charge. The only restriction is we must be able to setup in the same location for both the dinner and the dance as well as have ample space to setup around the tables that may be needed for your guests.

We have several musical types to choose from to make your dinner a bit more enjoyable. We have crooners like Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett, classical jazz like Louis Armstrong or Ella Fitzgerald, light up tempo swing, or some easy listening Top 40 tunes. We adjust the volume so as not to drown out the normal conversation of your guests.

It is also nice to have us there so that you will have full use of the wireless microphone and sound system for your speeches and other events during dinner.

Free dinner music is just another perk of choosing DJ Bill's Mobile DJ Service.

We also offer a wedding store for your convenience. Click here to visit the store.

School Shows
At DJ Bill's Mobile DJ Service, we feel we have found the perfect mix between playing what the students want to hear while satisfying the school's need to remain within acceptable boundaries.

Students Get:

♦ The cutting edge hottest songs
♦ Newest urban (hip-hop), rock, and alternative bands
♦ Dance club type lighting

Administration/Advisors Get:

♦ Edited lyrics where needed
♦ DJ with good judgment in choosing music selections
♦ An alert DJ to control the dance floor
♦ Affordable rates

So both sides win!!

For Proms, Homecomings, and other formal dances, you can be sure to get a professionally dressed DJ, who can handle any emcee needs you may have in introducing courts or lineups. Also the knowledge of the atmosphere, playing a few more slow songs for high school formals, etc.
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Subject to change based on availability and case situations.

We offer some great discounts for our school clients. Most school dances are held on off-peak times so we can afford to discount our normal rates. We do our best to maintain the following structures:

Event any day other than Saturday: 2 Hour Dance with Lighting - $225 - additional time at $75/hour

Saturday Event: Up to 4 Hour Dance with Lighting - $495 - addtional time at $95/hour

Minimum Booking Fee of $225.

We reserve the right to offer discounts on Saturday shows based on availability.

***There may be additional charges based on mileage for out of town events, difficult setup locations (i.e. stairs, etc.) and additional equipment requirements for larger events.  There may also be additional charges for outdoor covering, if required. 

Prices exclude holidays.  Contact us for holiday rates.