Our Basic Rates are as follows and include up to 4 hours of music.

Reception and Free Cocktail/Dinner Music - $695 - up to 4 hours of dance and 2 hours of background music.

Additional time $120 per hour

Saturday - $495 - up to 4 hours
Non Saturday - $395 - up to 4 hours
School pricing found on the Packages page

Rates are for up to 4 hours of dance music.  Additional time is $100/hr.
For Weddings, the price covers the four hours of dance only and the dinner music is not negotiable if unable to use.  It is a free service we offer our customers if they can use it.  If unable to use, the price remains the same.

Additional charges may be required for mileage for out of town events, difficult setup locations (i.e. stairs, etc.) and additional equipment requirements for larger events.  There may also be additional charges for outdoor covering, if required.

Prices exclude holidays.  Contact us for our holiday rates and schedules.

See our venues page for more info, special discounts and All-Inclusive Wedding Package.